Together we are stronger!

We want to express our support to our friends from the NK Rijeka Special Power Team, as well as to all  people with disabilities, and everyone else who feels discriminated against in today’s society.

Recently, we faced an unpleasant incident that has unsettled our community. The artistic mural of our friends and players from the NK Rijeka SPT team, which proudly adorned the entrance to the stadium, was covered with the inscription “Enemy No.1” during the final cup match. We feel hurt by this act. Even when we momentarily forget about the daily marginalization of children and individuals with Down syndrome, someone reminds us in a place where we usually receive support and the love that we proudly walk with – at the stadium.

Support for people with disabilities, including Down syndrome and other conditions, is a crucial aspect of building an inclusive and compassionate society. By embracing diversity and providing necessary assistance, we ensure that every individual has the opportunity to thrive and lead a fulfilling life.

Support for people with disabilities begins with awareness and understanding. It is important to recognize that disability does not determine a person’s worth or potential. Instead, we should focus on empowering individuals by creating an inclusive environment that fosters their unique talents and abilities.

Already this weekend (3rd – 4th June), at the Special Power League tournament taking place in Split, we will welcome you with open arms and once again show the world that every person, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, deserves the opportunity and support to pursue their dreams and achieve success.