international youth sport camp

International Youth Sport Camp is a project implemented by national sports organizations from 6 EU countries (Austria, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Greece and Croatia).

The project aims to impart acquired knowledge and skills in grassroots sports for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PwID) to individuals aged 18-21. This will be achieved through the organization of a youth sports camp, with the primary objective of empowering young participants to actively engage in disability sports and cultivate competences for future professional roles in the realm of grassroots sports for PwID.



The project’s core aim is to implement a youth camp focused on disability sports, aiming to enhance the competences and organizational skills of young individuals in grassroots sports, with a specific emphasis on PwID. The youth camp serves as a platform to foster intercultural dialogue, allowing participants to explore grassroots sports for PwID and understand its role in promoting positive values within society.

Through active participation in sport activities and youth exchanges, participants will have the opportunity to develop their skills and attitudes while raising awareness about the significance of inclusion in sports. The overarching goal is to stimulate engagement in society and encourage active participation by addressing socially relevant topics related to disability sports.

The project engages participants from a total of 6 partner organizations, with each organization contributing 10 young participants and 1 group leader (peer trainer) to participate in project activities and the camp. The young participants in the project are comprised of students, including those with fewer opportunities, with a background in sports.

In addition to the young participants, the project involves 6 group leaders (peer trainers) aged 18-30, selected as knowledgeable experts (young leaders) in grassroots sport management. These leaders have been identified through their involvement in previously implemented EU projects by the partners. Throughout the project, group leaders will play a crucial role in supporting young participants during all preparatory, implementation, and follow-up activities. Their contributions will be facilitated through an “intercultural” and “intergenerational” dialogue approach, enabling the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The project enhances young participants’ skills in inclusive sports, providing practical experience. They gain awareness of inclusion in sports, benefits for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PwID), and promoting tailored activities.

Group leaders (peer trainers) refine management skills through organizing the camp. This opens post-project opportunities and expands their understanding of disability sport programs for potential initiatives in their organizations.

The camp will be held in the city of Rovinj, in the region of Istria, Croatia. A small, tourist town located on the west coast of Istria. Rovinj offers all the possibilities for easy camp organization precisely because of the high-quality and diverse infrastructure, from accommodation, sports fields, sports halls, etc.



Are you a young individual between the ages of 18 and 21 who actively participates in sports or is engaged in organizing sporting events? Have you had previous experience working with People with Intellectual Disabilities? Are you eager to enhance your expertise in sports event management? Do you aspire to exchange best practices with peers from various regions of Europe? Would you be interested in expanding your network and knowledge through international and intergenerational conversations?

If your answer is YES, feel free to contact us and we will tell you all the information you need to know and become part of the first International Youth Sport Camp!


HLA (Croatia) – Luka Blazevic  email:

                                                       Phone: +385 98 40 4323

AICS (Italy) – Veronica Avantaggiato email:

                                                                  Phone: +39 348 294 9112

TUL (Finland) – Riku Ahola email:

                                                 Phone: +358 44 0201234

KALEV (Estonia) – Aleksander Tammert email:

                                                                         Phone: +372 508 6585

ASKO (Austria) – Andrea Gruber email:

                                                            Phone: +43 664 88251504

HOCSH (Greece) – Nikolaos Kerassovitis email: