next generation of young leaders

CST Youaca

Project YOUAca 2.0, with a partnership of 5 National sports organizations, coordinated by an International Sports Confederation, from 6 Eu Countries (Austria, Italy, Spain, Finland, Estonia and Croatia) aims at delivering the first edition of Youth Academy of Grassroots Sport, preparing a new generation of young leaders in grassroots sport at national and international level. This objective will be pursued implementing the Academy in order to develop skills of youngsters and young adults in grassroots sports management by the delivering of the training modules developed during the first edition of the project. 

Specific objectives

Main goals

YOUAca is a project adressed to young people aimed at developing skills of management in grassroots sport. Since nowadays it’s important to communicate our ideas, activities, projects or events, YOUAca delivered a training module in order to develop skills on how to promote and communicate grassroots sport activities and events.