next generation of young leaders

Preparing the next generation of leaders in grassroots sport management, Be active in sport! Be engaged! Be a Young Leader!, To develop skills by promoting intergenerational dialogue

CST Youaca

The project “YOUAca”, with a partnership of 4 National sports organisations, coordinated by an International Sports Confederation, from 5 Eu Countries (Austria, Italy, Spain, Finland and Estonia), aims at supporting a culture of Educational programs into the sport organisations’ visions and policy plans. This objective will be realised by an innovative and educational pilot program aimed at developing skills of youngsters and young adults in grassroots sports management through the encouragement of dialogue and mutual enrichment with senior sports leaders.

Specific objectives

  • To develop skills of sport management into the field of grassroots sport for youngsters and young adults
  • To foster capacity building and education for staff members and leaders of the sports organization by developing a training toolkit for sport managers operators
  • To improve good governance in sport (organizations), specifically in relation to the investment on educational programs
  • To promote sport itself as a tool for activating the participation of youngsters and young adults together with adults and senior leaders into sports organizations, through the promotion of coordinated voluntary activities.
  • To encourage social inclusion and raise equal opportunities in sport organisations by supporting the implementation of EU strategies.

Main goals

  • Creation of personal social networks and long-term cooperation
  • Young people experience inclusion and gain a strong peer group from other participating countries.
  • This group can share ideas from good practices as well as help in problem situations
  • Achieved competence and networking create your own path to apply for additional training and get a profession.
  • To get all the participants to continue in local clubs and in various managerial positions in different levels.
  • To get new players and fresh perspectives for developing their own organization’s activities.
  • To get all the participants to continue in local clubs and in various managerial positions in different levels.

YOUAca is a project adressed to young people aimed at developing skills of management in grassroots sport. Since nowadays it’s important to communicate our ideas, activities, projects or events, YOUAca delivered a training module in order to develop skills on how to promote and communicate grassroots sport activities and events. During the YOUAca Camp in Kisakeskus participants were asked to work in three groups making a video to promote the project throug the camp experience.