Mini handball is the most successful version of the handball game in terms of working with children and youth. It was created in the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark and Sweden), and in Croatia it was organized within the National Handball Federation (HRS) through competitions of clubs from all over the country. Mini handball is adapted for children up to 10 years of age. It is played on a smaller field, with smaller goals, with a smaller ball and according to rules that are easily understood by children. The main goal is to satisfy children’s need to move through natural forms of movement and motivate young children to continuous physical activity and the inclusion of children in extracurricular activities outdoors and during the holidays. In a match, the final result is not as important as it is important for children to test their skills and gain a positive experience of the game, regardless of winning or losing. The greatest importance is given to understanding the game, fair play and mutual cooperation.

With the aim of developing individual motor skills, mini handball can serve as an integral approach to coaching because the game is based on speed, agility, spatial-temporal orientation, rhythm and coordination in general. All the mentioned abilities are in their sensitive phases which represent the best time for their development. It should be emphasized that mini handball abounds in natural forms of movement such as running, throwing, catching, jumping, etc.

The Association “Health Life Academy” in cooperation with RK Medulin has been implementing a program of mini handball on the sand for several years with the aim of maintaining the continuity of sports activities after the end of the school year. The project seeks to ensure the conditions for free inclusion of children in mini beach handball and provide them with an all-day sports program accompanied by a large number of additional entertainment content.