Who We Are?


 There is growing awareness of the importance of physical activity and sport for the health and quality of everyday life. Numerous studies suggest that promotion of sports habits among the population is an excellent measure to prevent all kinds of health conditions. This applies especially to the youngest population. The benefits of sports and body activities highlighted by experts in today’s society are finally recognized so physical activity has now become part of current public health policy. Based on these insights, with a strong desire to continually reduce activities that disrupt sports and health, the Health Life Academy (HLA Association) was established.

Our Mission and vision

Mission of Health Life Academy is to systematically promote positive values of healthy living and promote physical activity and its long-term positive effects for the youngest population.

Vision of Health Life Academy is to establish a new dimension of social responsibility through the development of sport equally for all children, including children with developmental difficulties.

Extraordinary Experiences and Network

in 6 years, through multiple projects, more than 20 tournaments and events along with educational programs, conferences and symposiums have been successfully organized.

 Health Life Academy has more than 40 different partners and associates who are constantly involved in project activites.

Partners include centres and schools for education and learning for people with disabilities, associations of parents, football, handball and tennis clubs, autism and down syndrome associations, Croata Football Association (HNS), Croatia Handball Association (HRS) and others.

Core Values

Basic goal of Health Life Academy is general change of awareness of the importance of youth sports. Goals include:

  • Development and promotion of sport for children with disabilities
  • Organize seminars and workshops to improve healthy living
  • Preventive actions, improvement and protection of health
  • Strengthening cooperation with related organizations in Croatia and abroad
  • Publishing books and magazines in the segment of sport and medicine
  • Inclusion of children with disabilities in sport
  • Socializing and new friendships through play and sport competitions for children from different parts of Croatia and Europe