SPL is a sports league for children with disabilities, established in 2018, initiated by the Association “Health Life Academy” and joined by Croatian Football Federation (HNS), Croatian Handball Federation (HRS), Mateo Kovacic Foundation, SILab Association, Association “Veliko Srce” from Koprivnica, Association “Pogled” from Nedelišće, Association Sindrom Down 21 Split, Educational centers for children with disabilities from Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek, Čakovec and Velika Gorica, school for education from Pula as well as football and handball clubs from Croatia and abroad.



The basic idea of the project is to motivate children with disabilities to actively integrate into society through sports activities. The project was designed based on the fact that children with disabilities do not have the opportunity to adequately play sports.


The goal is to help children with disabilities improve their muscle strength, psychological well being and quality of life by enhancing their ability to perform daily activities. Sport brings people with similar disabilities together, enable the individual to share their experience and make friends with people who understands his/her daily struggles.


SPL anthem

Performed by famous singers Vanna, Maya Sar, Neno Belan & Jacques Houdek