Continuing the successfully implemented programs and projects related to football, the Association wants to use professional knowledge, experience and cooperation with leading organizations, clubs and associations working in the field of football to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports and regular physical activity in children, youth and adults . Therefore, the Association is actively involved in creating a new program that includes a competition for children and youth in the new sport Teqball.

Teqball is a sport based on football, played on a specially curved table, which attracts a new generation of athletes and amateur enthusiasts, whose ambition is to develop their technical skills, concentration and endurance. The sport, which was created in Hungary in 2012, is truly a universal game because the rules define that teqball is played between two (single game) or four players (pair game), regardless of age and gender. The sport is based on the principle of scoring and can be played on a variety of surfaces, such as sand, acrylic or indoors. Teqball allows players a maximum of three touches before returning the ball to an opponent, so anyone with the ability to juggle a soccer ball can play teqball as well. Teqball is the cleanest use of a soccer ball, with the rule that no physical contact is allowed between the player, or between the player and the table, thus eliminating the risk of injury from impact.

Guided by the slogan that Sport is for everyone, the goal of FITEQ is to be as inclusive as possible in order to enable all athletes to enjoy the fastest growing sport in the world. The goal is to embrace and spread inclusive values, especially determination, courage, inspiration and equality. Regardless of age, gender or social background, everyone should have the same opportunity to take up sport, whether in recreation or competition at the highest level.

Teqball in numbers:

  • 4,500 players are estimated in more than 100 countries;
  • 118 established national federations;
  • More than 2000 clubs worldwide;
  • More than 1,700 trained FITEQ judges;
  • 3 organized world championships (2017, 2018, 2019);
  • Sport is recognized by 2 continental Olympic associations (OCA, ANOCA);
  • Full member status of GAISF;