YOUAca 2.0 – 2nd online meeting

Gathering on the second YOUAca 2.0 online meeting on 18.11.2020., Young Leaders had the opportunity to share their national stories and activities about innovative sports and persons with intellectual disabilities and discuss mentioned 2 topics with CSIT Senior Leaders through an intergenerational dialogue.

Prior to the international online meeting, Health Life Academy Association Young Leaders Kristian Batelić, Nika Todorović, Karlo Zupičić, Patricia Hrenek and Zrinka Vuković held a national meeting with general secretary Dario Jagić. The idea behind the national meeting was to discuss and identify main obstacles related to activities involving people with intellectual disabilities and how to overcome them. 

At the beginning of the meeting each national group presented their results of its discussion at national level. Young Leaders presented Special Power League project as well as Individualized Education Program for ID created in the TeamUp! project. 

Afterwards, CSIT Ex Com managers joined the group in order to deepen these 2 topics through an intergenerational dialogue. 4 CSIT senior leaders attended the meeting: Henks Bouchoms/ CSIT Sport Director, Georges Michel / CSIT Sports Director Wolfgang Burghardt /CSIT General Secretary and Yoram Arstein / CSIT responsible for Enlargement & New Memberships. The focus of the intergenerational dialogue was to get all the useful information and criteria to start designing new ideas in the field of innovative sports and sport for people with disability. There were some outstanding ideas with adjusting rules for some existing mainstream sports in order to make them simpler and accessible to wider specter of community, but also ideas for new sports as well.

Lastly, results of the intergenerational dialogue where shared in national groups with the group discussion on insights for future project ideas.