MundialEU – Final results at Mundialido stage in Rome

Partners from AICS, Slovak sport organization, Club Italia, Health life academy, and CSIT held a meeting in Rome from 28th May to 30th May 2022, as part of the MundialEU social inclusion project.

On the first day of the meeting, 28th May 2022, which was opened by a special guest Maurizio Iorio, former professional footballer and president of Italy Beach Soccer, the partners evaluated the project by sharing the results of the questionnaire and discussed the next steps that will ensure the sustainability of the project.

On Sunday, May 29th was organized Inaugural Day of the Mundialido in Fallen Park Marcinelle (V Municipio Roma) – Fiorentini Stadium.

Mundialido is a cultural event that includes people of different nationalities and therefore represents an important reference point for the Roman cultural vision and in itself represents a moment of integration and mutual knowledge.

The World Cup was organized within a specially created multiethnic village in which each state had adequate space to promote its culture and traditions, where they exhibited handicrafts, typical dishes, etc.

A day of celebrations of sports, culture, and diversity was created with sports and gastronomic events, singing, and dancing points performed by musicians of various nationalities and cultures.

During the event, the host also included partners, technicians, and managers from countries participating in the Mundialido project where a panel discussion was held on organizing and conducting a sporting event aimed at promoting the social inclusion of migrants.

A final meeting of the partners was held on Monday, May 30th at which a final report, project reviews, and evaluation of the possibility of organizing MundialEU events in other countries were prepared.

On Monday, May 30th, the partners held a  final meeting at which they made a final report, as well as project reviews. The possibility of organizing MundialEU events in other countries was also discussed.