INSIDE 2nd newsletter

INSIDE is an Erasmus+ Sport program, a collaborative partnership that aims to promote social inclusion of PwID through sport. As part of the project activities, an innovative training methodology for PwID will be developed and a capacity building training course will be created.

Target group

People with intellectual disabilities (PwID), sports coaches, professionals working with PwID, associated organizations, NGOs, stakeholders in national and EU level and local communities.

NGOs, stakeholders in national and EU level and local communities.

Current implementation phase: IO1 Empowering Sport Methodology Handbook, IO2 “Easy-to-read” Sport and Games Guide, IO3 Capacity Building Course, IO4 Web-tool


INSIDE project partners held their 2nd transnational project meeting in Barcelona in Spain. During this meeting, the project partners discussed various updates on project-related activities along with a general overview of the project.

Partners have created the Empowering Sport Methodology Handbook based on a methodology that focuses on the inclusive aspects of sport participation. The handbooks methodology aims to foster social empowerment and integration of PWID and it provides concrete information how to use sport and games as an empowerment tool.

The partners are currently working on the development of the “Easy- to-read” Sport and Games Guide (IO2), Capacity Building Course (IO3) and the Webtool (IO4). The development of the “Easy-to-read” Sport and Games Guide aims to offer to PwID an easy and creative toolkit for promoting their involvement in sports and games by promoting their autonomy in terms of organizing such activities. Capacity Building Course for professionals working with PwID aimed to enhance knowledge and skills required for supporting PwID to access in sport activities. The Webtool will serve as a digital platform for connecting sports coaches, people working in the field of empowering PwID as well as PwID for promoting their social empowerment through sports participation.