Great start in the New Year with Special Power League in Sv. Martin

New year, new possibilities and new awesome edition of Special Power League that took place at Sv. Martin na Muri on 29.-30.1.2022. Event took a new step in inclusion by testing new ideas and activities. Apart from the now standard football event, players had a chance to try HLA new project sport Teqball as well as new types of inclusive sports and fun activities.  

The event started on Saturday morning with the arrival of the teams at Terme Sveti Martin. In the afternoon the main event took stage. More than 60 participants from all over Croatia participated in the 12th edition  of Special Power League.

In the beautifull sport hall participants played multiple football matches with other participants. There were lots of new participants and young players who showed their football skills but also met new friends. 

The participants in the project are, as standard, associations that work with people with disabilities: Association for Sindrom Down-21 Split (HNK Hajduk Split Special Power Team), School for children with disabilities Pula (NK Istra 1961 Special Power Team), Association for autism “Pogeld” Nedelišće (NK Sloga Čakovec Special Power Team) and Association “Veliko srce” (NK Slaven Belupo Special Power Team), Sindrom Down-21 Rijeka (HNK Rijeka Special Power Team), Educational center for children with disabilities “Ivan Štark” Osijek (NK Osijek Special Power Team).

Apart from regular rules of Special Power League where PWID play against each other, participants also tried playing with other children, families and friends. In such environment where children with and without disabilities play together Health Life Academy tested inclusive football, adapted sport activity created in project Let’s all children PLAY INClusion.

The project aims at designing adapted sport activities aimed at promoting social inclusion in and through sport of children with motor and cognitive disabilities together with non-disabled children (up 13 years old). 

As added value to the project, participants had the opportunity to try Teqball. The new sport was presented by Maks Dimov, president of Croatia Teqball Association.

At the end of the Special Power League event, general secretary of Health Life Academy Association Dario Jagić, president of Croatia Teqball Association Maks Dimov and UEFA Grow Mentor Igor Janković  provided trophies calendars and other appropriate gifts to all participants.

The participants of the event had a great time playing football together with the main goal of raising awareness of the importance of social inclusion through sports. This was noticed by parents, coaches, associates and others, so they were also satisfied with the realization of the project and the achieved results.