eYOUAca 1st international meeting

The first international meeting of the EU co-funded project eYOUAca took place from September 26th to 28th in Rome. This was the time the whole team of eYOUAca – consisting of over 20 people from the partners AiCS, TUL, KALEV, Health Life Academy, UCEC, EPSI, ETSIA and the Carlo Collodi Foundation has got a chance to meet each other in person.

The program of the 3-day meeting was full of interesting and challenging topics. Day one was opened by presentations of all partners who introduced their organizations as well as programs and activities their Young Leaders already carried out. After a coffee break, the results of the needs analysis were discussed under the lead of the host AiCS. The results showed a detailed outline of what the online platform should offer and feature to be purposeful.

The second day started with a productive brainstorming about core functions and attributes the platform should offer – all of them top secret at this stage of the project. In a next step these ideas were structured and put into shape and formed the bases of the guidelines for creating the single modules. This process was supported by senior leaders of the CSIT network. In this respect, the CSIT General Secretary Wolfgang Burghardt, head of the CSIT President’s Office Valeria Gherardini and General Secretary of Mamanet Austria Elisabeth Speiser-Havel contributed their knowledge and experience in grassroots sports. To conclude the day, the group made a trip to the seaside in Ostia to burn some of those calories owed to the Italian food: a local sports club prepared a small program on some beach sports like beach volleyball and beach tennis.

Last, but not least, a morning session on Wednesday marked the end of the first international meeting of eYOUAca. The focus of the meeting was put on the project dissemination plan worked out by CSIT, the discussion on the official logo of the project – which will be presented shortly – and managerial and financial issues.