YOULead – Kick off meeting

With the Kick-off meeting held on 17.3.2021. project YOULead has officially started. Project Coordinator CSIT (Austria),ASKO (Austria), Kalev (Estonia), TUL (Finland), AICS (Italy), Unio de Consellis Esportius de Catalunya (Spain) and Health Life Academy (Croatia) will engage in a one-year project Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The project proposal of CSIT named “YOULead. Developing new sport practices from young leaders to youngsters” exchanges good practices, confronts ideas and methods in different areas relating to new sport practices and physical activities attracting youngsters so to promote their access to sport. 

A special attention will be given to all sport practices and physical activities aimed at promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. The project is based on the “transgenerational dialogue” method, in order to promote the interactions between seniors of CSIT and the CSIT members organisations partners of the project and the young staff people of those organisation.