Youaca 2.0 4th online meeting – Project idea discussion

Erasmus+ Sport project YOUAca 2.0 meets again! 

About 3 months long the groups of Young Leaders have worked in order to design new ideas in the topic of innovative sport and inclusive sport and now they have presented the first results.

The projects have different contents, such as new adapted sport (RollArch from AICS / Italy) and Beach Handball form Consells Esportius de Catalunya, combination of traditional games for all (from Health Life Academy /Croatia) and activities for people with disability (mixed football game for visually impaired people and blindfolded form (KALEV / Estonia) and a training course in the topic of disability management addressed from (CSIT Maailmankisat TUL-Finland /Finland).

Health Life Academy project idea “Traditional Sport Games for all” strives towards general popularization and promotion of traditional sports and culture among young people and people with disabilities.

The general goal of the project is to promote physical activity through sports programs related to traditional sport games and at the same time establish new / old methods of exercising that will encourage intergenerational cooperation and raise public awareness of the importance of social inclusion in society.

Recently, all of them had an opportunity to receive feedback from 4 expert Senior Leaders : Henk Bouchoms – (CSIT Sport Director); Claudia Borzacchini (CSIT Coordinator of Parasport); Giovanni Tracanelli (WSG_2021 Project Manager) and Fabrizio Gherardi (Beach Volley TC and WSG 2021 Sport Office).
And now, young leaders are ready to define and present the final version of their projects thanks to the intergenerational dialogue. Years of experience show that this is the most effective method in order to promote knowledge and skills in the field of grassroots sports management among youngsters!