YOUAca 2.0 – 3rd online meeting

On the third YOUAca 2.0 online meeting on on 15.12.2020., Young Leaders had the opportunity to work on Intergenerational platform by sharing opinions and suggestions of its improvement.

The platform carries the objective of promoting the exchange between young and senior leaders in the two fields of the project: innovative sport and sport for people with disability.
During the meeting the main functions and layout has been presented and young leaders gave their opinions on how it can be further improved, hence reaching the first step of the project.

Afterwards, each national team had the opportunity to evaluate and check Insights from the intergenerational dialogue. It is an open document that aims at collecting all the insights emerged during the Intergenerational dialogue in the field of innovative sport, with Henk BOUCHOMS / CSIT Sport Director; Demonstrative Sports and Wolfgang BURGHARDT /CSIT General Secretary and in the field of sport for people with disability with, Yoram ARNSTEIN / CSIT Enlargement & New Memberships and HAPOEL General Director (Israel) – Sport for people with disability and Georges MICHEL / CSIT Deputy Sport Director.

The insights are collected according to 4 main chapters that teams should consider when designing new project ideas. Main chapters include: target groups, to whom the sports are addressed; impact, the impact the sports have on the people who practice and on the community (attendance, family etc.); attractiveness, the main characteristics and activities the sports should have in order to engage people at grassroot level and to become a practiced sport; sustainability, which strategies the sports should consider in order to find the resources to continue over a period of time.

Now the young leaders can get back to their sport organizations and start designing new project ideas in the main project fields.