Walking in a beautiful nature near Koprivnica

Nature, nice weather and good company are all you need for a nice afternoon walk. Our friends enjoy walking in nature, discovering the magic of biodiversity of flora and fauna and socializing in the beautiful nature in Koprivnica.

We believe that walking in nature contributes to a healthy lifestyle, socializing and fun with friends, but also gives an opportunity to learn something new about the nature in which we are and the beauties it contains. 

Very often, social and cultural interventions aimed at the integration of people with disabilities tend to segregate the beneficiaries, as they are provided within protected, “closed” contexts, taking place in a perspective of “assistance” and isolation, with negative consequences on the perception of disability towards society and a misreading of the real needs of people with disabilities.

The Hi-Ability project wants to “open the doors to new spaces of education”, promoting education for autonomy, independent and inclusive life for adult people with intellectual disabilities (PWID), in a context still not very accessible such as hiking and eco-tourism.