H20 Summit – building a new spiritual dimension of protection and use of water

Water protection is the key theme of modern society in all its aspects; legislative, implementing, but also the important topic that deals with the abuse of water resources. The fact that water is best regulated economic activity in the European Union, simply imposes the need for, not only legal, but also ethical regulation of water issues at all levels in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 

Health Life Academy association fully supports raising awareness of the vital importance of water and water resources. The intention is to foster awareness of the preservation of water resources, so we are convinced that by just improving knowledge and promoting awareness of water protection and water-loving, we can successfully change our spiritual attitude to water.

Nowdays, basic scientific and professional topics related to water are:

  1. Water protection and protection from waters / regional ministerial conference, water policy and cooperation
  2. Water management and use of waters / regional conference of state water agencies, water policies and cooperation
  3. Water Supply and Drainage / Spiritual, Educational and Scientific Dimension of Conservation and Use of Water Resources

The only International scientific expert meeting held in Croatia, where awareness of all levels of meaning and use of water in modern society, especially in consumption and tourism today, rises to a brand new level is H20 Summit. The congress discusses a water-based product market, investments and market consolidation, international portfolio management, product innovations and brand new customer habits, and the development of the water based beverage market and the potential of tourist exploitation of water resources.

H2O SUMMIT, 1st International Water Congress is the first and only event of this kind in Croatia. The basic objective of the project is to build a new spiritual dimension of protection and use of water. At the center of the interest of Water Congress is the issue of conservation of water resources and the promotion of knowledge, protection and love for water, and ultimately a long-term change of our general relationship with water.

For the wider public, the issues of water management and the loss of water in cities are extremely important. On the other hand, it is a fact that over the last few decades, global sales of bottled water have become one of the world’s leading businesses, currently estimated at about $ 60 billion, and by 2020, the value of that market will be worth $ 1 trillion. Croatia has a wealth of high quality drinking water reserves. This market grows annually by an average of 15%. The fact that Croatia is in the company of thirty water rich countries in the world is saying that here lays a strong and so far insufficient economic potential.

Under the patronage of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, project was founded by Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, Croatian Waters, EBRD, Croatian Environmental Protection Agency (HAOP), Croatian Water Protection Society (HDZV), Croatian Academy of Technical Sciences (HATZ), EWA (European Water Association) and IWA (International Water Association).