European Mile – Final event

The last European Mile event was organized in beautifull Rovinj on 12.9.2021. where more than 50 participants, including children and parents participated walked alongside the shore of the turistic town. As part of the European Mile event, collected and donated more than 90 miles in total. As part of the final EM event they visited nearby Aquapark in Poreč to have fun and enjoy the summer.

The event itself was divided in 2 parts. In the first part, children from kindergarden “Lavić” had a great morning exercise with their educators and members of HLA. Not only did they walk together and collected miles for a good cause, they had a whole program of physical activities and games.

They played some traditional sport games like tug of war, jumping in sacks, running polygons etc. They also tried “pljočkanje”, a traditional sport in istria (Croatia). We can say they had a great time as it was confirmed by both parents and educators.

the second part of the event involved our participants children and persons with disabilities who had great fun in the resort Amarin in various sports and other activities: from swimming in the pools, through recreational sports activities of tennis and traditional sports games, to evening entertainment and dancing on the terrace of the Resort. 

Participants also visited Aquacolors Poreč aquapark where they had a lot of fun.

At the end of the event, members of the Health Life Academy Association presented gifts to the participants. The participants had a great time in Rovinj and are very satisfied with the achievement of the event and its results.