ESSD Croatia – day dedicated to entertainment, play and promotion of physical activity and health

Last Friday, September 24, 2021. sports activities held in primary schools throughout Croatia as part of the European project European School Sports Day. Health Life Academy Association, as the national project coordinator in cooperation with ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association) and HSSF (Hungarian School Sport Federation), marked the European School Sports Day (ESSD) as an international school day dedicated to entertainment, a common play and promote physical activity and health for all.

The goal of the sports day is to encourage students to participate in the #BeActive campaign, as well as motivate them to become ambassadors and advocates of a healthy lifestyle and good shape. The project involved a large number of students who, regardless of age, origin or level of physical fitness, had the opportunity to engage in physical and sports activities.

As part of the #BeActive campaign, on Sports Day, primary and secondary school students in the Republic of Croatia spent at least 120 minutes running, playing games, dancing, jumping rope or engaging in other activities. The activities were varied: organized sports competitions, group walking, various workshops on physical activities in schools, creative new games, etc.

As an added value to the project, some schools accepted the coordinator’s proposal and organized traditional sports activities with the aim of exchanging knowledge about the values of traditional sports and their popularization among young people. They also seek to promote new forms of sports and physical activity through traditional sports (border guard, tug of war, jumping in sacks, etc.), improving general health and raising awareness of the importance of sports and physical activity among young people. Physical activities planned in a way appropriate to the age, interests, preferences and abilities of students, and with their content to encourage participation and strengthen integration in the community.

The European School Sport Day, also known as the Sports Day or ESSD, is one of the European Commission’s responses to the worrying trend of declining sports and physical activity among children and young people in all EU Member States.

The Sports Day is supported by the European Commission and is part of the #BeActive campaign of European Sports Week. So far, the European School Sports Day, with the #BeActive campaign, has encouraged 1.5 million students in 20 European countries to take part in the activity.