Call for recruitment YOUCamp

Calling for all sports active youngsters: YOUCamp is on the lookout for fresh, dynamic young leaders!


YOUCamp aims to empower youth participation in grassroots sports activities while promoting gender equality in sports, and here, YOU can be the one to make the difference!

We are happy to invite 30 passionate individuals, aged 14-19, who are actively involved in the sports field to join us at the national camps organized by their respective organizations: AiCS, ASKÖ, HLA, HOCSH, UCEC or TUL.


What to Expect:

Sport Activities: Participants will engage in three sports activities, chosen based on international needs analysis, in mixed-gender teams.


Innovative Activities: During the camp, participants will design and practice two innovative sport activities:

  • An outdoor discipline promoting environmental sustainability and sustainable movement.
  • Traditional games that can be practiced by individuals of all ages.

Gender Equality: All teams will be equally balanced in gender to promote inclusivity and fairness.


Your Role:

As an YOUCamp participant, you will have an active role in organizing the sport activities, supported by intergenerational teams at the local level. This includes drafting regulations for the innovative sport activities, determining team compositions, field requirements, variations, and more.



Empowerment through active involvement in sports organization.

Opportunity to collaborate with senior and young leaders in the grassroots sports sector.

Showcase your innovative sport activities at the Amateur Sport Forum in Greece, where representatives from each grassroots sports organization will present their ideas to a wider audience.


How to Apply:

If you’re ready to be part of YOUCamp and make a positive impact on grassroots sports, or you know someone who is a perfect fit, we are collecting applications by 26.04.2024 via our registration platform or e-mail


Application Deadline: 26th of April 2024


Don’t miss out and grasp a chance to become a part of grassroots sports community and make a change by promoting gender equality in sports already TODAY! 

For inquiries and applications, contact