Association Health Life Academy Proudly Joins UN’s “Football for the Goals” Initiative!

Dear Friends,

With great joy, we want to share some exciting news with you!  Health Life Academy Association is proudly announcing its membership in the esteemed “Football for the Goals” initiative, promoted by the United Nations.

The “Football for the Goals” initiative, launched by the UN, brings together sports, health, and social responsibility to achieve the global sustainable development goals. Through a passion for football and team spirit, the initiative promotes important values such as inclusion, equality, education, health, and well-being. The aim is to encourage communities worldwide to come together and harness the power of sports to create positive changes in their own lives and the lives of others.

The Health Life Academy Association has always been dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and well-being. Our mission aligns perfectly with the goals of the “Football for the Goals” initiative, and we enthusiastically accepted the invitation to join this inspiring global network.

Through our partnership with the “Football for the Goals” initiative, the Health Life Academy will continue to spread awareness about the significance of physical activity and health improvement. Moreover, through football events, workshops, and educational programs, we will encourage both young and adult individuals to actively engage in promoting healthy habits and contribute to the achievement of UN’s sustainable development goals.

This marks an incredible step forward for our association, and for all of you who support us. Your encouragement has motivated us to become even more involved and dedicated to promoting a healthy way of life and positive societal changes.

We thank you for standing by us and for sharing this significant news. Together, let’s be an example of how a passion for sports can transform into real, positive change in the world!

For more information about the “Football for the Goals” initiative by the United Nations, please visit their official website: