3rd transnational eYOUAca meeting in Tallinn

Recently, we had a meeting with our project partners in Tallinn to review progress and plan the next steps. The meeting had a packed agenda that included working sessions, presentations, and even some physical activity.

The first day of the meeting started with a warm welcome from KALEV, the host of the event. After that, we had a review of the project, which was followed by a detailed discussion of the internal testing of the eYOUAca platform. We also had a set-up calendar for live lessons.

After the morning session, we took a break for lunch and participated in a physical activity led by Eliisa, our host from KALEV. It was a great opportunity to stretch and recharge for the second half of the day, which included presentations on recruitment strategies, internship activities, and feedback.
In the evening, we had the chance to explore the local culture and visit a museum.

On the second day of the meeting, we reviewed the financial mid-term guidelines and had received a presentation on evaluation tools, and discussed dissemination activities during the internship.

Overall, the eYOUAca meeting in Tallinn was a productive and active event. We had the opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and discuss important aspects of the project. The physical activities and cultural events added an extra dimension to the meeting, making it an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved.