9th edition of the project Youth Movement Power was held in Rovinj, Poreč and Pula

Rovinj, Poreč, Pula, 13.-16. April 2022. Last week sports and educational program of the umbrella project Youth Movement Power took place in Rovinj, Poreč and Pula. It is a socially responsible and educational project that encourages children to develop social skills and healthy habits through sports and educational activities. The founder of the project is the Association Health Life Academy, and the goal is the international popularization of sports activities and the development of general awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The main components of the Youth Movement Power project were: Croatia Trophy handball tournament, Croatia Trophy football tournament, Special Power League – sports league for children and people with disabilities and Adria Bowl tournament of American flag football.

In the Croatia Trophy handball tournament in which more than 60 teams from all over Europe participated, took place on April 13-16, 2022. Teams competed in a total of 5 categories: men’s 2006, 2008 and 2010 and girls 2008 and 2010. The tournament was held in 5 sport halls in Rovinj (Gimnasium hall, Valbruna hall), Poreč (“Žatika” sports hall) and Pula (Veli Vrh Hall and Mate Parlov Sports Hall). The ranking of the handball tournament by category is as follows:

Boys 2006.

  1. HC Pivovarna Laško Celje
  2. RK Zrinjski Mostar
  3. RD Herz Šmartno

Boys 2008.

  1. RK Dubrava Zagreb
  2. HC Pivovarna Laško Celje
  3. RK PPD Zagreb

Boys 2010.

  1. RK PPD Zagreb
  2. RK Koper
  3. RK Gorenje Velenje

Girls 2008.

  1. ŽRK Izola
  2. ŽRK Piran
  3. ŽRK Sevnica

Girls 2010.

  1. ŽRK Koka Varaždin
  2. UHC Eggenburg
  3. RK Arena

The Croatia Trophy football tournament was held on April 14-15. in 3 men’s categories in which teams from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy participated. A total of 24 teams participated and the ranking by categories is as follows:

U9 (2013.)

  1. HNK Rijeka
  2. NK Istra 1961
  3. NK Pomorac 1921

U11 (2011.)

  1. NK Istra 1961
  2. HNK Rijeka
  3. NK Rovinj

U13 (2009.)

  1. HNK Rijeka
  2. NK Pomorac 1921
  3. NK Uljanik Pula

In addition to the handball and football tournament, the 13th edition of the project Special Power League – sports league for children with disabilities was held. Special Power League (SPL) is a children’s sports and health project, launched in 2018, which aims to popularize sports among children and youth regardless of level of physical and intellectual disability and integration of children with disabilities into society through continuous sports activities.


The basic idea of the project is to motivate children with disabilities to actively integrate into society through sports activities. The project was designed based on the fact that children with disabilities do not have the opportunity to adequately play sports.


The goal is to help children with disabilities improve their energy, psychological well-being and quality of life by enhancing their ability to perform daily activities.


Sport helps bring people with similar disabilities closer together, enables the individual to share their experiences and make friends with people who understand their daily struggles.

As part of the project, the Adria Bowl American flag tournament was successfully completed in co-organization with the American football club Split Sea Wolves. The tournament took place in Rovinj 16.-17.4.2022., and gathered the following European teams: Amsterdam Panthers (Netherlands), Arona 65ers (Italy), Augsburg Lions (Germany), Black Miners Velenje (Slovenia), Domžale Tigers (Slovenia), Geneva Seahawks (Switzerland), Kocevje Wild Hogs (Slovenia), Sailors Du Grand Large (France), Split Sea Wolves (Croatia), Kranjski Jazbeci (Slovenia), Monkeys With Attitude (Netherlands), Orlovi Novi Beograd (Serbia), Valby Royals (Denmark), Zagreb Patriots (Croatia), Indjija Indians (Serbia), Ljubljana Frogs (Slovenia), Osijek Cannons (Croatia), Pribram Bobcats (Czech Republic), Refoli Trieste (Italy).


This year’s sports-educational project Youth Movement Power, which has been successfully held for 9 years in a row, was supported by: HNS, HRS, Croatian Olympic Committee, Mateo Kovačić Foundation, Pula Tourist Board, Pula Sports Association, Rovinj, Decathlon, Studenac and ATI.