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Special POWER league

The “Special Power League” project was launched at the initiative of the Association health Life Academy, joined by HNS, HRS, Mateo Kovačić Foundation, SILab Association, Pula, Zagreb, Osijek, Pula and Football and Handball clubs from Croatia. Project is under high patronage of the president of the republic Mrs. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović.

The project was initially designed as a league of the clubs that would play tournaments each time in another city, in the first year of the project until the definitions, stabilization and establishment of sections that will have regular training twice a week. Each club aims to establish a section for children with developmental difficulties in which club coaches will start trainings with the help of professional associates. Football and handball handbook for working with children with disabilities will be written, together with the partners from the Education and Training Centers and those external experts who already have experience in working with children with disabilities. Postgraduate planned development of sections within other clubs would also lead to the creation of a league and to extend the project to all interested clubs.
The project is open to all areas and levels of difficulty which will spread the idea of joint sport and will pay attention to the joint activities of healthy children with children with developmental difficulties, children with poor property status and children without parental care.

According to the Croatian Register of Persons with Disabilities, the types of physical and mental disabilities are: 1. Visual damage 2. Hearing Damage 3. Impairment of speech-voice communication 4. Damage to the locomotor system 5. Damage to the central nervous system 6. Damage to the peripheral nervous system 7. Damage of other organs and organs (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, skin and subcutaneous tissue and urogenital) 8. Mental retardation 9. Autism 10. Mental disorders 11. Multiple types of damage (existence of multiple types of damage to body, mental and mental illness, involving two or more of whom none is expressed in the degree of difficulty prescribed by this Ordinance, and their simultaneous existence provides a new quality of injury or disease

Mission and vision The basic idea of the project is to motivate children with developmental difficulties to actively integrate into the society through sporting activities. The project is designed based on the fact that children with disabilities do not have the opportunity to engage in adequate sports. The aim is to enable these children to equally play football and handball for the coat of arms of their beloved club on a playground. The project is aimed at positive changes that promote the importance of physical culture, in order to encourage the development of active everyday life in children of school age. Because of the sensitive period they are going through, in pursuit of balance between childhood and maturity, it is important to spend good time with quality, developing a tendency towards movement and physical activities that are less and less present in modern life. The development of mass amateur sports is therefore an imperative, as well as the effort to engage more children and young people in sports activities. Although we are witnessing the increasing professionalism of sports in order to achieve superior results and material status, it is important to preserve the spirit of the Olympics with the message “It’s important to participate” instead of putting pressure on children and athletes with the message “It’s important to win!” The project mission is a radical change of consciousness in the wider public towards the youngest members of our society who need to be first touched by heart. The project will also organize a summer camp for members of the Association of Children with Developmental Disabilities (selection of clubs). The purpose of the camp is to provide children with rehabilitation. Based on the experience of previous years, it has been confirmed that sport can be perfectly matched with physical, work and psychological therapy, which ultimately leads to an increase in the life energy of children.


(9 – 12 months 2018) TOURNAMENT 1 – before the game NATION LEAGUE: CROATIA – SPAIN 15.11.2018 (stadium Hitrec Kacijan or indoor grass in case of bad weather)- NK Dinamo, PPD Zagreb (1 – 3 months 2019) TOURNAMENT 2 FC Osijek, (courtroom) (4 – 6 months 2019) TOURNAMENT 3 FC Rijeka, FC Istra 1961, HC Rovinj (7 – 9 months 2019) TOURNAMENT 4 HC Koprivnica, Grand Heart Association

The aim is to inform associations of children with developmental disabilities, education centers, parents associations of children with developmental difficulties and the Paraolympic Alliance on the establishment of sections in large football and handball clubs. Following the before mentioned task organizing a promotional tournament in Zagreb with the participation of foreign sections as an encouraging example of participation of children with disabilities in the development of sports.


Start of the league with children with developmental difficulties and training of trainers and assistants in the training cycle. Upon completion of the training program for the sports and recreational activities for the disabled, the participants will acquire the following competences for performing professional activities in the sports and recreational activities of persons with disabilities: 1) implement the process of adopting specific knowledge by applying the initial level of knowledge about the kinesiological principles of work in teaching various sporting and recreational activities of children with developmental difficulties 2) apply security aspects of work safety during the hour of athletic recreation. 3) Organize athletic recreational activities with the aim of optimum use of space and didactic aids, with elementary knowledge of the theory and methodology of training 4) implement a plan and program of occasional and regular forms of sport-recreational training of persons with disabilities in the place of residence and out of residence, in open sport grounds, in the halls.

Interaction with

• Sports Management at MZOS RH

• National Council for Sport

• Local, State and Regional Sports Associations

• Administrative Divisions for Sport and Competent Offices / Department / Sports Issues Management in Local and Regional Administration Units (Municipalities, cities and counties)

• National, local sports associations / communities / alliances

• Schools

• Sports ambassadors

• Tourist communities

• Media

• Society as a whole – web, social networks, word of mouth

Project evaluation • External and internal • Number of participants in project implementation • Number of indirect participants • Photographs • Media records • Monitoring of activities carried out • User suggestion of records • Evaluation lists of indirect beneficiaries of the project


Formed sections and fully functional league

Goals and Tasks

● Development and promotion of football and handball in children with disabilities ● organization of meetings with children and young people in order to improve healthy living ● Organize seminars and workshops to improve healthy living ● preventive action, improvement and protection of health ● Strengthening cooperation with related organizations in Croatia and beyond ● publishing books and magazines in the segment ● Inclusion of children with disabilities in sport development ● socializing and new friendships through play and sporting competitions for children from different parts of Croatia and Europe ● Impact on the training of endurance, self-initiative, boldness, correctness, sincerity and empathy; ● influence on the development of positive sports people



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