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Article 1.

These Rules will determine the general and special conditions of the competition in handball and football as part of the “Youth Movement Power” (hereinafter: YMP).

Article 2.

The rights to participate in the competition have all individuals, clubs and all freely formed teams that have applied up to the day of the closing of entries.
Article 3.
Sports part of the project is divided in football and handball tournament and competitions are held on the sports field Valbruna Sport in Rovinj.
Article 4.
The competition takes place in the following sports and categories:

Women and men in 2000 and younger, 2002 th and younger ,2004 and younger, 2006 and younger

Women and men in 2000 and younger, 2002 younger  ,2004 and younger 2006 and younger

Article 5.
Competitors must bring a copy of the identification on the competition (personal or sports card, citizenship certificate, passport, birth certificate, school certificates or similar). The identification document is used to determine the age categories of competitors and it will be delivered to the official person, and that same document will be attached to the Application form of the teams or individual.

Article 6.
Competitors from younger category may compete in the older categories.
Article 7.
All competitors will participate at their own risk and should be physically and mentally capable and prepared for competition. Organizers are not responsible for any injuries or health problems that might occur during the competition.
Article 8.
Competitors can perform with maksimum 2 teams in the category in which they are registered, and have the right to register and participate in multiple sports.
Article 9.
Organizers, coordinators, heads of sports, judges, heads of teams and competitors are required to arrive at the competition properly dressed and behave in an exemplary manner. They should not smoke and consume alcohol on or near the sports arena
Article 10.
Each team must designate a person who will represent it in the game. A representative or team leader must present the list of teams at least fifteen minutes before the start of the match, also he participates in the identification of players, entering data in to the register and signing the register.

Article 11.
Judges are required to judge the match in the prescribed judicial equipment as required under the rules of each sport.
Article 12.
Judges are not allowed to wear the jerseys where there are features of the some company, which are not sponsors of the YMP. In the event that the referee have existing clothes that are under sponsorship, manager will than give to the referee branded T-shirt or official shirt of YMP that will wear over refereeing football jersey.

Article 12.
The team that doesn’t come to the competition loses the game without fight . The second failure will result in disqualification and loss of all matches without a fight i.e. all matches are registered in favor of the rival.
Article 13.
About disciplinary violations that might be provoked by teams, players, referees, managers or other officials in this competition, decides the YMP board and coordinators based on the competition disciplinary regulations of the YMP.

Article 14.

YMP has the right to collect information and visual material free of charge (photos and images) from the competition for commercial purposes (for the promotion of the YMP, sponsors, etc.).

Article 1.
All games are played at a single point system in groups of four, five or six clubs. The order of the group is determined by: the number of points, the result of mutual matches, goal difference, more goals scored and draw.
Article 2.
After the group faze of the competition in all categories, in the next round will qualify the first two teams from the group. Other teams from the group enter the competition for placement with teams from their categories.
Article 3.
If the match of another round of the competition ends in a draw, penalties will be performed with 9 m (for 2007,2006,2005 and 2004 year) and from 11m (for 2003,2002, 2001 to 2000 year) each side with 3 shoots (other players), and if after that scores are tied the other players who have not previously shoot decides the final winner.
Article 4.
Each club shall, before the scheduled start time, submit a list of their players to tournament committee together with date of birth of each player. On the list it should be indicated number which is on the back of the player and the number should be wearing during the whole duration of the tournament. List should be certified with the stamp of the club.
Article 5.

Before the first game in the tournament coach is required to separately present to the team tournament committee and for each player hand over some of the identification documents (sports card or passport).
Each player (registered and / or unregistered) must have with them a certificate of medical examination not older than 6 (six) months, otherwise he/she can’t play ,a valid sports card with certified medical examination not older than 6 (six) months. All teams participate at their own risk.

Article 6.

The organizer provides for all duration of the tournament medical staff to provide emergency medical assistance.

Article 7.

Right to participate in any of the above tournament has each player / players born in the year indicated in the name of the tournament, or younger.
The tournament may occur and play mixed teams (boys and girls)but girls may be older by one year of age mentioned in the title of the tournament.
Each team can have a part of players who have not registered for a club that competes or may have players who are not even registered players but documentations must be provide from the coach to these players to provide an identification document proving the child’s age and the same should be insured on the free pursuit of a football game not older than 6 (six) months.
Article 8.

Tournaments are played on the playground with natural and artificial grass dimensions min 100x64m
Penalty performed with 9 meters ages 2007,2006,2005,2004, and with 11m ages 2003,2002,2001,2000.
Club can register a maximum of 15 players.
In categories 2007,2006,2005,2004 there is no offside.
Goalkeeper cannot catch the ball that his teammate intentionally return him with the foot.
Article 9.

All matches will judge licensed referees of the CFA in agreement with the organizer and territorially competent Football Association.
Article 10.

The penalty for players shall be imposed for serious foul or unsportsmanlike behavior. The penalties are warning (yellow card) or exclusion by the end of the game, without substitution (second yellow or direct red card).
Yellow cards are not accumulated, ie. are deleted after each match.
The player with red card is eligible to play in the next match (unless otherwise decided by the tournament committee-due to extremely unsportsmanlike fouls).
Article 11.

Exclusive right to interpret these regulations as well as all other unforeseen circumstances, has the Tournament Committee, whose decision is final.
Article 12.

Tournament committee is appointed by the organizer and it is responsible for all sporting issues related to the tournament, as well as all disputes, protests, complaints or unforeseen circumstances. The Commission shall consist of the following persons:
• Sandi Popović
• Predrag Marinković
• Ivan Dragić

Article 13.

The organizer is not responsible for clothes and personal belongings of the players and other participants of the tournament.

Article 14.

Prizes are:
Medals depending on the winning team place (gold medal for the first placed team, silver for second place, bronze for third-placed).
The tournament will be divided into teams trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place the diploma for best player, top scorer and best goalkeeper of the tournament.
Article 15.

All protests or appeals are sent to the tournament committee, whose decision is final and binding. The Commission will not accept complaints concerning the decisions taken by the Commission.



Article 1.

A team consists of a maximum 18 players. The match can begin if each team has to field six players and a goalkeeper.

Article 2.
Playing time is 2 x 12 minutes with a break of 1 minutes for boys and girls born 2006 ,2 x 15 minutes with a break of 1 minutes for boys and girls born 2002 and 2004 and 2 x 17 minutes with a break of 1 minutes for boys and girls born 2000.

Time does not stop after the whistle, except in the case of time-outs or extraordinary events such as the weight of injuries,last 2 minutes, disciplinary offense participants or audience, and a technical fault.

Exclusions last for 1 minute and time out is available only in finals and half finals.

Each team is entitled to the match can once requested a minute of rest (time-out). Time out has to be asked by coach, and it is granted when a team has the ball in possession.
Article 3.
Right to participate in matches determines the recording secretary of the match, before the start, in the presence of representatives of the team.
Article 4.
During the match on the bench together with the coach,can only be team leader.
Article 5.
The team that wins the game get two (2) points and a in case of the draw each team get 1 (one) point (if it is played by the groups).
Placement on the table is determined by the sum of points. If it is the decision of transition to the next ranking events, in case of equal points, the classification will be determined by mutual goal difference. If the match was played in a draw decides the difference given and received goals between teams that are equal on points. If there is a same goal difference between teams, a better place occupies a team that has scored more goals, and if they have achieved the same number of goals the question of the team that goes on will be determined by lot.
In case of a tie game, and when competition regulations require winners (quarterfinals, semifinals, etc.), teams will shoot out penalties from a distance of 7 m, by six players from each team. If the winner is not determinate in that way, penalties will be taken alternately by one player from each team to the winner. Penalties must not run players who are banned from the game.

Article 6.
Sizes of the balls for each category:

2006 – girls – no ball. 0
2006. – Boys – Ball no. 0
2004 – girls – no ball. 1
2004. – Boys – Ball no. 1
2002/03 year – girls – no ball. 2
2002 / 03god. – Boys – Ball no. 2
2000/01 year – Girls – Ball no. 3
2000 / 01god. – Young men – Ball no. 3

Article 7.
Handball is played on a field with the dimensions of 40 meters x 20 meters

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