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International football and handball Croatia Throphy – Youth Movement Power  is one of a kind sport project. Sport and medicine structure of the project is closelly related with health life and care for the youth health habits,obesity problems and physical activity.

Focus of this project is the CHANGE that will enhance the role of physical culture among young people, with the awareness that a firmer position in schools and health care system also creates a stronger platform for development of sport and nurture of strong and healthy individuals who respect themselves, game, friends and nature.

Goals, trophies, baskets, stars, million dollar contracts, top scores … This is all nice; but the sport is more than all that. Young men and women are those one that sport helped to overcome physical and other environmental handicaps, fathers and mothers who have raised their children through sport in the right direction, they all know that sport is sometimes underrated when it comes to the keys to success in life …

“Do you know that part of the game was my favorite? The opportunity to play. ” Mike Singletary

Benefit of physical activity for health is of priceless importance. Regular physical activity contributes to the regulation of body weight which also affects on the mental state by increasing the body’s readiness and satisfaction with their own appearance. Global recommendations of World Health Organization on physical activity for health promoting moderate physical activity for adult population for a period of 150 minutes per week, and all children should be moderately physically active for one hour a day. According to the results of research on the health behavior of school-age children in the 2010, young people in Croatia are moderately physically active – an average of only 4.2 days per week (4.6 days boys and girls 3.8 days). Particularly worrying is the fact that, according to the research group of professionals with Kinesiology Faculty in Zagreb on physical activity Croatian population, the lowest level of physical activity was determined in the age group between 15-24 years.

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