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Dear delegates,

I invite you with pleasure to the symposium “Obese children – obese adults” and to the OMTF course (Obesity Management Task Force) of the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), to be held in Rovinj, 02.04.2015.
In the wake of past activities of the Croatian Society for obesity we continue to raise the awareness about the growing problem of obesity and the importance of improving prevention and treatment strategies aimed at addressing this public health problem in all age groups, especially in children. Childhood obesity is a risk factor for obesity and its affiliated co-morbidity in adulthood. Appropriate approach to obesity treatment in children can prevent or mitigate its adverse long term health effect. Recognition and appropriate monitoring of children with obesity is the priority in the health care system, as well as continuing education of health care professionals who daily work in providing care to children and adults with the problem of obesity.

It is OMTF course which is held for the first time in Croatia, intended for health professionals who want to increase their competence in working with obese people. Leaders of the OMTF course are distinguished experts from Europe for the treatment of obesity and also the leaders of the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO).

We believe that by your participation you will witness the quality of both meetings we organized for you. We look forward to meeting you in Rovinj and we warmly welcome you

President of the Croatian Society of Obesity of the Croatian Medical Association

Prof. dr. sc. Davor Štimac, dr. med.


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