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International sports and health project “Youth Movement Power” will be held in Rovinj, 12 to 15 April 2017, under the auspices of the Croatian Medical Association – Croatian Obesity Society and the Croatian Society for Diabetes and metabolism, and the Croatian Institute Public Health.

In a passive society, in a society which always wait’s on a another person initiative, in a society that rarely speaks and even more rarely works – mechanism that converts the movement of the body in the ambition of thought – is needed. What we want for our children is to be healthy and have a strong mind, strong body and even stronger words that will create work. Movement can change the world. How the body follows the mind, the mind will also follow the body. Enable our children to strengthen their movements to empower thoughts through the initiative of the project.

The main goal of the project is to eliminate the negative consequences of sedentary, inactive lifestyle, excessive consumption of foods and to encourage primary school children in daily movement, sports activities and the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

The main components of the “Youth Movement Power” is the International Football and handball tournament for elementary school children (from 9 to 16 years). Entrants are amateur sports clubs from Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. Are expected to attend more than 800 children – amateur athletes.
In synergy with the competitive part of the project “Youth Movement Power” includes health and recreational, educational and leisure facilities as part of the so-called. small sports center: presentation of functional products, products for adequate nutrition of children athletes, sports equipment and props for recreation and leisure, and educational workshops and fun games that encourage healthy living habits.

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