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Fast Facts

Country: Croatia
Population: Croatia: 4 290 612, Rovinj: 14 294
Official Language: Croatian – You can download here a Croatian for Travellers language guide Handout
Currency: Croatian kuna (HRK)
Time zone: GMT + 1 hour
Country dialling code: +385
Telephone area code: Rovinj (052)

historic town, Rovinj, Croatia

Information about Croatia

For further information about Croatia please visit


There are three climate zones in Croatia: in the country’s continental interior the prevailing climate zone is moderately continental , while the mountain climate prevails at 1200m above the sea level. The areas along the Adriatic coast have a pleasantly mild Mediterranean climate with a large number of sunny days, summers are hot and dry and winters are mild and wet. The average temperatures in the Littoral (Adriatic Coast) are: January 5˚C – 9 oC and July 23°C – 26°C. Winter sea temperature is about 12 oC and it reaches approximately 25 oC in the summer. Information:

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The official currency in Croatia is the kuna (1 kuna = 100 lipa).
All major credit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express) are accepted in most of the restaurants, shops etc. There are many opportunities to exchange currency in Rovinj and the places to obtain the best rates are the banks. There are also foreign exchange outlets in the airports, train, bus stations, and even in hotels and restaurants, although the rates are usually not as favourable. Although hotels and travel agencies may offer bureau de change services, using an ATM to obtain cash provides one of the best rates of exchange.


Croatia, like most other European countries, has 220-volt AC, 50Hz current and uses two-pin continental plugs. If you visit from the UK and Ireland, you will need an adaptor for electric appliances, whereas North Americans need a transformer in order to use their 110/125V appliances.

Tap water is safe to drink in all of Croatia.

Travel documents

A valid passport or some other identification document recognised by international agreement; for certain countries a personal identity card is sufficient (a document which testifies to the identity and citizenship of the bearer). All participants must have a valid ID or passport in order to enter Croatia. Citizens of some countries may need to obtain a visa before arrival. For further information please contact the nearest Croatian Embassy or Consulate to check visa regulations.

Delegates must, of course, meet the normal requirements, i.e. they must possess valid travel documents and sufficient means of support. Delegates requiring a visa for entry to Croatia are strongly advised to make their application in their home countries at least three months before the intended date of travel or via following link:

Visa application procedures are easier when the acknowledgement of registration is included. Refunds cannot be made when visa applications are not granted.

The Project Secretariat is able to issue you with an official letter of invitation for the congress. Please note that such a letter can only be issued if you are registered for the congress and your registration fee has been fully paid.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Project Secretariat if you have any questions regarding visa application procedures.

Health services

The Tourist Medical Center operates within the Rovinj Emergency Clinic (Istarska ulica bb), tel: 00385/52/813-004, open 24 hours a day.If a Medical Care Convention has been signed between Croatia and the country from which the tourist comes, he or she is not under obligation to pay for medical expenses. The cost of medical services in the case of tourists coming from countries with which such a convention has not been signed is payable by the tourist on the spot, according to a pre-established price list.


Ljekarna – Farmacia Ul. M. Benussi bb tel. 00385/52/813-589
Pharmacy MM Istarska bb tel: 00385/52/830-040
Pharmacy Blitva Carrera 22 a tel: 00385/52/830-832
Pharmacy Blitva Tina Ujevića 2 tel: 00385/52/840-680

Practical advice

CALL 112!

If you need:
• Emergency medical assistance,
• The assistance of fire fighters,
• The assistance of the police,
• The assistance of the Mountain Rescue Service,
• The assistance of other emergency services and operative search and rescue forces.

At sea
• In case of an accident or sea pollution, call 9155 (National Headquarters for Search and Rescue at Sea) or 112.
• Before setting sail, inform yourself of the weather forecast, especially for the Adriatic,
• While swimming, stay in sight of other swimmers,
• Inform family and friends of the approximate location in which you will be diving and mark the area appropriately,
• Moderate your exposure to the sun and use protective mediums
• Do not overestimate your own capabilities,
• Have sufficient quantities of drinking water with you.

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