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  • Healthy Life Academy was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting, developing and improving physical and spiritual health in the physical, mental and emotional level of the human being.
  • Association strives to be the center of unique projects that directly affect changes in the targeted and wider community.
  • The Academy advocates the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits of children and young people and the elimination of the negative consequences of inactive, seating lifestyles of young people and as well as the promotion of daily movement, sports activities and the adoption of healthy lifestyle.

There is growing awareness of the importance of physical activity and sport for the health and quality of everyday  life. Unlike the so called “watching” sport in which we participate solely as passive viewers and fans, numerous studies suggest that promotion of sports habits among the population is an excellent measure to prevent all kinds of diseases. This applies especially to the youngest population. Sport is also an alternative to lifestyles that are harmful to our health and the most valuable means of expanding our network of social relationships. The benefits of sports and body activities highlighted by experts in today’s society are finally recognized so that  physical activity has become part of current public health policy. Based on these insights, with the strong desire to continuously strengthen the space that obstructs the sport and health, the Health Life Academy Foundation (HLA Foundation)  has been established.

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